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Socio-Economic Impact Assessments


Socio-Economic Impact Assessment is a process of assessing or estimating, in advance, the impacts that are likely to follow as a result of a specific project or development. Impacts include all social and cultural consequences that alter the ways in which people live, work, play, relate to one another, organize to meet their needs, and generally cope as members of society. Cultural impacts involve changes to the norms, values, and beliefs of individuals. Once local cultural life is affected, it is affected for good; therefore, it is important to prevent the majority of impacts before they actually happen.


Socio-economic impact assessment provides direction in:

  • understanding, managing, and controlling change;
  • predicting probable impacts from development projects;
  • identifying, developing, and implementing mitigation strategies in order to minimize potential impacts;
  • developing and implementing monitoring programs;
  • developing and implementing mechanisms to deal with unexpected impacts as they develop; and
  • evaluating impacts.


While conducting a baseline assessment of stakeholder interests within the defined project area. Kairos will use methodology that can be applied in accordance with regulatory guidelines and generally accepted best practices.

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